Big crossbow bug, plz help

Big crossbow bug, plz help

I am getting the same problem described in another post in TechSupport section two months ago.

"When the pirates attack the ship during "Destination: Skellige", Geralt shows up with a crossbow in his hand that's impossible to get rid of. When you switch to your sword the crossbow stays on your back during cutscenes and everything. The crossbow specifically shows up in the scene where Geralt wakes up upon hearing the fighting and goes onto the deck to fight the pirates. After that, the crossbow is seemingly permanent and nothing can remove it from Geralt's back once its "sheathed"."

The large crossbow just stuck on Geralt's back ever after. I have tried every possible solution so far nothing worked.

Anyone konw how to fix it? please help!
Dunno about the crossbow, but Skellige seems to be the buggiest area in the game; game crashing when fast traveling from Faroe to Velen/Novigrad, impossibility to retrieve loot from corpses marked with red crosses etc. Game seemed to run flawlessly until I got to Skellige, but now I'm waiting for the patch...
Thank you for reply me, yea, maybe i will just wait for the next patch to release, hope it will solve the problem
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Hey, not sure what format you play the game, whether PC or console, but for PC there is a fix.... kinda, if you can use the console.
I cannot find the link to where I found it but I can basically explain.
I know it works cause on my one play through, I noticed this right away and it annoyed the heck out of me in cutscenes.
Which led me to search the net for the issue.

Sooo, IF you are on the PC:
- Load a save BEFORE you pay the captain 1000 gold to take you there.
- Here you got to be fast with the console. When you are waking up and hear the fighting, enter console quick and type geralt.
.........this will put a naked Geralt inside the ship cabin unable to move.
- open console, type Ciri to change characters.
......... you can now see on the mini map the little red dots of the enemies on the ship.
- open console and type killall (this does as it says and kills all enemy npc on the mini map).

The sequence should then continue, and you wake up as Geralt naked on the beach...with no crossbow on your back.
Just re-equip your gear and off you go.

** It does work, but you got to be fast as that cutscene when he opens his eyes on the pillow is VERY short. This has to be completed in that 1 or 2 second window.
My suggestion is before you pay the captian, open console and type geralt BUT don't press ENTER.
Just type his name and close the console and pay the captain.
As Geralt opens his eyes, open console and hit ENTER key.

Hope this helps someone as it did for me.

PS: If, after you typed killall and the scene doesn't progress.... move Ciri closer to the door of cabin as there are most likely a enemy NPC that wandered just off the mini map..... type killall again to kill these stragglers.

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As strange as it may sound, try going to Passiflora and spend some fun time with one of girls, still I cannot guarantee the results ;)

Few players have reported that this has solved the issue with weapons stuck on Geralt's back.

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