NG+ inventory bug

Inventory bug in ng+

So today i crafted the grandmaster legendary griffin set, saved my game while the set was equipped and when i loaded back in, whole set was missing and geralt was missing his whole body like except for his head there was nothing else. I was able to recreate the issue again by adding gm armor via console and saving then loading and when i loaded back in the armor had disappeared but this time it wasn't equipped so geralt still had his body intact. I've tried it with both the mastercrafted and grandmaster versions of the armor and when i loaded in mastercrafted was still there while the grandmaster one is gone. This has happened with other grandmaster sets too, and with the saddle you get from master mirror, so i think this might be an issue with the dlcs. I was using the following mods when i encountered the issue: scaar animation mod, improved combat animation mod, progress on the path, quick inventory, more quick slots, SSS skill slot mod, delayed recovery fix. Since then i reverted to an older save and played through again, verified game integrity, reinstalled the game without no mods but none of this fixed my issue. Please help, this was to be my farewell run to witcher 3, but at the very end i am about to give up :/
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