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Bribery bug [Nilfgaard]

98% of the time this card works, either by playing it from hand or tutoring but I've just had a game against a ST player, who played about 6 units previously and the card just banished, as if nothing happened. This is the second time this has happened, also against another ST funnily enough. I took pictures of their graveyard but deleted them not bloody 30mins ago, thinking it was a one off. Sods law it happened again just now.

Faction: Nilfgaard

Categories: Tactic

Color: Gold

Rarity: Legendary

Create a unit from your opponent's starting deck, then play it.

I've played the card probably.. 30 something times and it's failed twice. Well technically three times because I used it with Steffen Skellen on the board and it whiffed twice in a row.
Played versus a starter deck and used bribery. It did not do anything. From the looks of it, Bribery cannot create a card from the starter set. This is not mentioned anywhere in the card description.
As the title says, i've encountered this bug a couple times. Basically i play this and it's supposed to show me 3 cards regardless of rarity, and i'm supposed to play a copy of one of them. They ought to be in the opponent's starting deck. I suspect it in fact shows only the remaining cards in my opponent's deck, as this has a high chance of not doing anything when played in the 3rd round. Though it has happened to me in the first round as well.

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