[Bug] Bugged Tier 5 and Iconic Quickhacks

Several of the tier 5/iconic quickhacks are bugged or flawed. Iconic System Collapse doesnt reduce cost despite gaining stacks (this may carry over to other iconic ultimate quickhacks, but I havent tested), iconic Contagion is functionally identical to tier 5 Contagion according to the description and purportedly doesnt always apply the explosion when the target is set on fire, and Tier 5/Iconic Memory Wipe costs more than any Ultimate quickhack with no ability to reduce cost with the only justification being an added function that the new Optic Camo perks handle for no real cost. Ive seen people try to argue how that makes sense, but the prohibitive cost not only ruins the tier 5 Sonic Shock synergy, it also ruins memory wipes general utility of setting up take downs.

Ive also been told that Iconic Weapon Glitch doesnt reliably jam weapons.
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