[bug] Cyberware capacity shard drop rate seems bugged

You may want to just start another run. My 2.0 saves were bugged in that I both had no light in my apartment above the door, even though I did in previous game ver saves, and that I had a super low drop rate for cyberware capacity shards.

On the 2.02 save both were fixed. One hour into free roam before the heist and two have dropped already, both from Maelstrom goons. Even before this the only place I found shards were from random cyberpsychos in Dogtown - so I would still expect they drop from borged out enemies.
Please report when you'll get pass 300 cyber. cap & lvl 60. This doesn't prove anything.
I also had issues finding them between lvl ~30-60. I farmed the Dogtown Bosses but they wouldnt drop them and ingame i also didnt find as much as i was used to. Now i am 60 and i did suddenly find 3 of them during the freeing Saul mission and did find others as my capacitiy is now 329 with Edgerunner and perks which what i had on my pre 2.01 char.
I didn't even know about the existence of cyberware capacity shard. I'm lvl 47 and as I remember, never have been found even a single one. I have 199 in cyberware capacity
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