[BUG] Cyberware missing after NEVER FADE AWAY quest

My V has both the LICENSE TO CHROME perk which unlocks a bonus cyberware slot for skeleton, and the AMBIDEXTROUS perk which unlocks a bonus cyberware slot for hands. I had Titanium Bones installed in the bonus slot for skeleton, and Ballistic Coprocessor in the bonus slot for hands prior to starting the NEVER FADE AWAY quest in the Voodoo Boys crypt. Once I returned from the net and was speaking with Brigette again, I checked my character out and discovered that the above mentioned pieces of cyberware were removed from my V. I saved the game, and then reloaded the save game before doing this quest to see if my cyberware was intact going into the quest and it was, however doing this quest caused both of these bonus cyberware to be removed for no apparent reason.

I also noticed that after this quest is completed, every single weapon I was carrying had all of the scopes, attachments and mods replaced with white tier 1 gear instead of the variety of tiers that were there originally. Reloading the save game resulted in the weapons still having incorrect mods, however completely exiting the game with ALT-F4 and reopening it and reloading the last save the weapons appear to have their proper mods back now, however my cyberware that went missing is permanently gone.

In patch 1.63 and earlier versions of the game there was an annoying bug where any time the game forcibly removed all of your clothing or weapons, when you got your weapons and clothing back they did not have the correct mods on them that you originally had. This was in quests such as the Clouds gig where you have to put your weapons in a locker, or The Heist gig where you leave your weapons in the Delamain, or the gig from Stephan where you end up naked in the Scavs pad. The same problem also occurred if you simply placed weapons into your trunk/apartment stash and then retrieved them later, they would have their mods corrupted. It happened 100% reproducibly so I presume that it happened for everyone. I haven't tested if the problem occurs in 2.0 yet, but I should as it could be related to this new problem somehow perhaps.

Cyberware before NEVER FADE AWAY quest:


Cyberware after NEVER FADE AWAY quest:


I have savegames for before and after if someone from CDPR or wherever needs them I can send them via email or something as the files were too large to attach to the forum.

If anyone else experiences this issue, please chime in below. I'm going to reload the "before" save game and redo the quest mission and record it on video this time and if the problem recurs, I will upload an edited version of the video to YouTube and link it here.
Had the same happen to me with same 2 cyberware but randomly, after other quests.
Also had it once where my arm cyberware was removed.
I didn't loose them they were just unequipped so had to go to a ripper to get them put back on.
My V also was loosing cyberwares after certain quests but I can't point to any specific situations.
The cyberware were just disappearing randomly, and yes were also missing from skeleton and arms, I had to visit ripperdock to install them back.
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