[BUG] - Perk Refund System Is DUPING Perk Points

The Perk Refund system has a very nasty bug hiding within itself which will sometimes randomly not lower a major perk node's level after an attempted refund, yet still award a perk point in return.

In these examples;

The Embedded Exploit (2/2) perk is refunded 3 times.

Here with Pyromania (3/3) and Health Freak (2/2), both are refunded an extra time.

Started investigating this issue and eventually even reproducing it because at level 31 the number of available perk points did not match the current level.

It's really hard to reproduce it consistently, but it seems to trigger while
cyberware capacity is miscalculated which is usually triggered by sleeping or going to a Ripperdoc. After that refunding the perks (usually fast) will trigger this bug randomly sometimes. Really sucks and destroys perk economy.

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did you count in perk points achieved by the 5 skilltrees and those you can find randomly in the world/on dead enemies?
Yes. At level 32 I had 39 skill points, when I should have 38;
  • 31 from levels
  • 6 from skill progression
  • 1 from a perk shard
Though the videos show that duping is actually happening because in both the major perk nodes are being refunded an extra time. And the 2nd video shows 41 total perk points after duping, instead of 38.

So it's definitely a thing and funnily enough I even found a guide about it after reporting this bug;

Though it doesn't require a specific quest like it's said in the guide since it can happen to the player at any time while the game is miscalculating the player's installed cyberware capacity. Which is why it happened to me randomly and happens to a lot of others.
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For bug testing purposes there is a way to guarantee-reproduce this issue;

Most likely this will get fixed with 2.04.
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