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Calveit vs Dana

It would be cool if there were cards and possible Calveit leader ability that could further manipulate the state of your deck. Such that reveal Tibor could be a more consistent play.
I think the power of Dana is better. So buff Calveit provisions or nerf Dana?
Power of Dana is good. But not better than Calveit. Calveit can play even a neutral card. Dana can only play ST card. Calveit doesn't have any invisible restriction to have a full NG deck, but Dana does. Unless you put all ST cards (and some junk cards too in it), she will be much weaker. Calveit doesn't have any restrictions.

So, NO. They both are different and have their own strengths. They are not stronger or weaker than one another.
Um......lets not forget you have to have a number of cards in your Dana deck that have to have a unique tag.