Can we please get all pre-2.0 clothing added to shops?

On my old character started back in 1.5, I had a pair of pants (duolayer tacticloth straightcuts) that were one of my favorite pants in the whole game. I started a new character for 2.0 and decided recently I wanted to get those pants back, so I looked up where to get them. They had previously been available from the trailer park clothing vendor, but were apparently removed from its inventory in 1.6 and turned into a random drop from enemies. Problem is, random enemies no longer really drop clothes in 2.0 (or if they do, it's EXTREMELY rare), instead only dropping weapons, mods, shards, and crafting materials).

How is a player supposed to acquire these pants now? PC players can just use mods and console commands, sure. But Series X and PS5 players have seemingly no way to acquire clothing that isn't available at vendors. Sure, there's a slim chance I might get lucky and find a pair in a crate in some back alley somewhere, but there's only so many unopened crates in Night City. Air drops in Dogtown only seem to drop DLC clothing, so that doesn't appear to be an option either, meaning there's a finite number of opportunities to get some of these rarer pieces.

Since clothing has become purely cosmetic, what really is the purpose of not making everything--at least from before 2.0--available in stores? It'd be great if all clothing could have at least some chance of appearing in a vendor's inventory, and better yet if we could get a vendor similar to the black market weapons shop that would sell clothing items we've missed that can't be reacquired (for example, my old character wasn't able to get the puncture-resistant rocker ankle boots because they just plain never spawned on the corpse where they were supposed to be, and that's the singular place in all of Night City that they could be found).
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