Can't complete Collect 'Em All

Hello! It's been a long time since I completed the "High Stakes" quest. I wanted to make this part of Geralt's story natural, I didn't use save/upload. I lost the first game to Bernard Tulle, listened to Carthia van Canten's (Sasha) request and began to help her, after which I completed the quest.

Now, after a long time, there are 4 maps left in my "A Miraculous Guide to Gwent" that I need to find. And these are exactly the cards that can only be obtained by defeating all opponents in a "High Stakes" task. Since quest "Collect 'Em All" does not fail after an unsuccessful tournament, I began to go through the game further, but now, after a long time, it became clear that it was impossible to complete it.

Dear CD Projekt RED, I ask you to solve this problem. For example, you can make them available for purchase from Marquise Serenity in Passiflora for a large amount, or simply mark quest "Collect 'Em All" completed with the mark "failed".

My version of the Story of Geralt of Rivia has been going on since the first part of The Witcher series, after I transferred the save to Assassins of Kings, and now I'm completing the Wild Hunt. And before that, I didn't have any unfinished tasks in the log, even if they were failures. I hope you will see this message, thank you.
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