Car Delivery Drop Off Spots Need Adjustment

Maybe it's just me, but I've had a few times where my drop off spot has Trauma or the police with their little set up right outside the car spot and acting as a barrier of entry to the spot like the last one was up on the windy hill and Trauma was just chillin' there in the way. Now, they're not usually difficult to kill, but when it's already given you a time limit on some of these awful, slow, poor handling garbage cars, it feels unnecessary to add in Trauma team as an extra barrier.
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Picture for reference. And I know this is done on purpose for some of these since they disappeared after I finished the drop off. Thankfully when I reloaded the save and it gave me the same drop off, it gave me 2 minutes instead of 1 to get around these annoyances, but dear god, please no. The rewards are good, but they're not "You have to get around Trauma team without looking at them funny" good. lol.

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True. the time limit is often way to close and its BS how El Capitan reacts if you miss the time limit.
i need a option to self destruct a car i just delivered or i demand a way to hit him in the face for a attitude adjustment.
I had two minutes to get 3km on a bike that caps out at 80kph IF I have enough runway. I hit no slowdown and took the fastest route and still missed it by a clean 30 seconds. I don't think it's technically possible. this has happened a few times and I now just destroy the car on the spot to fail the mission because if I'm getting yelled at either way it's for something that was actually my fault.
Same kinda deal happened to me, i had to chase a runaway car for an extended period of time, then get out and get into THAT damaged car, then get across town in like a minute for a trip that would have taken 2 minutes if i could FLY. Ridiculous. And the fixer is a complete dickhead about it to top off being impossible and a waste of time.
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