The Car Shop

So why do we get our cars back after crashing them... FOR FREE? (Or almost free)

Seriously. Some of these machines should cost tens of thousands of eddies to replace. You see these missing doors, blow off fronts, and then of course theres the total wrecks.

instead, V should summon the car he has, WITH all of the damage its taken. He gets an exception for an old beater that can do 45 mph. The rest of the cars need to get repaired at a body shop.

Now, as far as the body shop. This shop is run by a fixer, who is in with Dino. This fixer takes cars in that V hijacks and drives to his shop and turns them into scrap metal. He uses scrap metal and some eddies to do the car repairs. When he isn't doing car repairs, he makes scrap metal by the ton. Metal that could be sold to a third party for eddies. Its not glamourous work, and it wont make you rich overnight like running gigs, but its work.

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