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Cards Names

So, I wrote about this in gwentdb topic so time ago, here it is in a form of proposition plus some new things.

​1. Some of the characters have full names (John Natalis, Triss Merigold, Birna Bran...) some only first names (Isengrim, Cerys, Caranthir...) and for some reason Dijkstra has only a surname. Looks like there is no any rule to it and I belive it would be both nicer and in accordance with the lore if cards would always have full names of the characters (with exceptions for nicknames - bloody baron, Dandelion, Avallac'h and so on). So Geralt->Geralt of Rivia, Dijkstra -> Sigismund Dijkstra, Caranthir ->Caranthir Ar-Feiniel etc. Fun fact, in Polish version Isengrim is Isengrim Faoiltiarna and Borch is Villentrentenmerth.

2. Leaders

​Same as above. Some goes only by name, some by name and surname, some by name and titls, and Bran for some reason is King Bran, while Harald also was a king of Skellige. Why is Harald the Cripple and Radovid isn't Radovid V the Stern? I have 2 propositions here. First is ofc to add all surnames. Second is to add a titles, I imagine it like this:

​Foltest of Temeria, Son of Medell
Radovid V the Stern, Savior of the North
​Henstelt of Ard Carraigh, Last of the Unicorns

Eredin Breacc Glas, King of the Wild Hunt
Ge'els, Viceroy of Tir na Lia
Dagon, the Sleeper

Francesca Findabair, Daisy of the Valleys
Brouver Hoog, Elder of Mahakam
Eithne of Brokilon, the Silver-Eyed

​Crach an Craite, Wild Boar of the Sea
​Harald an Craite, the Cripple
​Bran an Tuirseach, King of the Isles

​Leaders are most important cards in the game, base of any deck and most powerful characters, it would be nice to Highlight them a little and add some lore. I know who Foltest is, you know it. But ppl new to the Witcher universe don't, all they can see is Foltest is some king. Seems rather plain and uninteresting I think. Also, long names and titles like this ones give more high fantasy feel, and I belive it's a good thing, as Gwent is about battles and wars between factions and realms - something of bigger and more epic scale than adventures of a single witcher.

​3. Monsters silvers and golds.

​In every other faction silvers and golds are for named characters, yet in Monsters there is some randome grave hag, manticore etc. I was happy they changed Leshen into Woodland Spirit, that was exactly what I was hoping for - contracts monsters as silvers/golds, but why only one? It's pretty easy to find unique variant for every of this monsters:
Grave Hag -> Mourntart
​Water Hag -> Abaya
Earth elemental -> Therazane
Frightener -> Savolla's Frightener
Manticore -> Man-Eater of Dorian (?)
​Draug -> the Visitor
​Giant toad -> Prince Toad
​Ice Giant -> Lord of Unvik (and vice versa)
​Fire Elemental -> Guardian of Est Tayiar, Philippa's Elemental, Alvaro's First Elemental, dunno really...

​The whole point of s/g units is that they are named characters, they were even characters/heroes before (and I belive it was changed only so they could add s/g special cards). And here some monsters are silver cards just because they are stronger than other monsters (water hug stronger than fiend?). Seems wrong.

​That's all I think.
I always thought that there will be more different cards for some of the characters (and different names). For example Vernon Roche (gold hero,high strength,no ability), Vernon Roche- Commander of the Blue Stripes (low strength like 0 or 1, or he doesn't even appear on the board but when played he summons blue stripe commandos (and/or blue stripes scouts), Vernon Roche- Unconvencional Warfare play (play Ves as spy,get to see 2 random opponent's cards), Geralt-Butcher of Blaviken (medium strength gold that destroys enemies weakest card/cards), Yennefer-Reviver (medic low strength but revive any unit from graveyard) and Yen's card where playing her gives one card(or all of them) immunity to be scorched for certian amount of turns(or until the end of the round.


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Stumbled upon this while searching for something else. I know this post is quite old but I believe it deserves a second look and more discussion, and something to be implemented in future iterations of Gwent. Actually, if you played Gwent in The Witcher 3 game, you would see various titles of leader cards, which made them sound more epic. Yes, full names and titles make leaders and legendary units sound more epic and legendary. So why exactly isn't this being implemented?