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Ciri's chainmail texture

Hello, would anybody be so kind and provide me with "ciri_chainmail_dlc" textures in editable format, found in Ciri's alternate look and Geralt's legendary Manticore armor (also known as Red Wolf)?
Tried to extract them with Wolven kit 0.3.1 with no editable results and by uncooking various retexture mods, but sadly non use this texture.

My goal is to remove dark parts of chainmails in Legendary Manticore. They are looking good when camera is close, bit looks like black spots without any details when using normal gameplay camera.

Thanks to anyone...
You need to uncook DLC11 separately to get the assets. If you need other files than mesh and textures, you'll need to unbundle the files too, but those can be exported with WolvenKit.