Co-op multiplayer jobs suggestion

So some friends and i have been chatting about ideas for how the game could do co-op, and we thought of something pretty solid. we figured maybe the game could do a "heist" system, where all the players can just meet by walking into the afterlife to connect to ppl, then set up a mission/job by talking to a fixer, and viola. could even just have it open up the free roam and have random encounters and whatnot.
just a suggestion that hopefully seems feasible, it be frickin awesome to be able to play with the chooms lol
thx fellas <3
There won't be multiplayer in Cyberpunk 2077, CDPR have confirmed that.

Maybe in Project Orion, whenever that may come.
Games must be built with co-op in mind from the ground up. However the proportion of gamers that play co-op is tiny.

Orion will most likely follow that same path as CP2077 as it has been so successful.
Yeah, you are right, a mod could do it?
If it was that simple, CDPR would have done it for the 2.0 (there is even a multiplayer section in credits if i remember correctly).
A Cyberpunk multiplayer standalone game was planned after Cyberpunk 2077, but they cancelled it after the launch of 2077. Their current strategy is to focus on singleplayer games. (they might add some multiplayer features to their next games, but clearly not a priority and probably nothing big).
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