Collecting reward from Last Call impossible on 2.0 update.

I finished Last Call on 1.5 version, but i didn't collect the reward, I've done many more missions after it, but recently when game updated to 2.0 i decided to collect all awaiting rewards and I realized it's bugged. Before 2.0 Last Call's reward was Neofiber Cyberware. 2.0 update apparently changes the reward to Axolotl. The problem is i finished mission before that update, but went to collect reward after updating. So the item that was waiting for me in my stack was Neofiber Cyberware. I collected it and the "collect the reward" task didn't disappear.
When i go to ripperdoc i have it visible, so i thought that if i equipped the item temporarily the task will get completed, but there goes another problem with 2.0 update: you can restart attributes only once, and the requirements regarding attributes levels got increased almost to the point of impossible.
My rewarded Neofiber Cyberware requires 18 points of reflexes. And my level 45 character has only 8 reflexes.
It's impossible for me to reach it without wasting my only reset on it, and even if i did i'm not guarantied the bug would be solved. Then again i don't want to play rest of the game with 18 point reflexes character, because for some reason i assumed that i could finish all missions regardless of how i assigned my points.
So now I'm stuck with finished "unfinished" mission, bugged item in my inventory, and no way to easily fix it.

I was so excited for 2.0 update, but now seeing worse UI, terrible changes regarding gameplay and attribute requirements system, and now this bug. I don't feel that excited anymore.
Now I don't know if i want to keep playing, because i collected almost all Hidden Gems and did most side missions, but what's the point if I end up with everything collected and finished except for one unfinishable mission.
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