CP2077 Randomly freezes, requiring a hard reboot.

While playing, my computer completely freezes. No crash logs are available as my system just stops working.
This is a very random event but consistent.
It might happen after 5 minutes, or 30minutes. I have to shut down the computer, then restart every time.
This happens only with CyberPunk 2077 and Microsoft Flight Sim - so far!

When this happens no log files are available or created. The Roaming folder for CyberPunk doesn't exist (all files are unhidden).

I have the latest graphics card driver for my 4060Ti ( Ver 546.65 )
My CyberPunk (Phantom Lib) version is up to date. ( ver 2.1 )

I deleted and reinstalled CP2077, same result. I even tried the legacy patch (but then Phantom Liberty doesn't work)
Because other games play without crashing, I don't think it's a hardware issue.
Any ideas? This was not a problem before the update.

Help Chooms!!!
Thank you


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