Cyberpunk 2077 radio stations

Sorry if this is against the rules im new

Just confirming - so there is no custom radio station/mp3 import feature and no plans have been discussed for that?
I also would love to see a Custom Radio Station for our own music playlists, either built in or mod i don't care..

But on a similar note, there needs to be a bit of adjusting to the playlists on at least one radio station as the current one has some music that does not belong in it, I am speaking of Rock Radio... who ever put these songs into this list needs to have his head examined..
IBDY (RAT BOY) – Likewise
Fingers and the Outlaws – So it Goes
HEAVE HO by Konrad OldMoney feat Frawst & XerzeX

loving the music so far, but one thing that many games Always fuck up, Rock channels :p hip hop is NOT Rock XD was glad to have a Rock radio channel until some hip hop tuned in, i was kinda hoping to have a channel where i would be "safe" from having to listen to that kind of music, as i really dont like most hip hop music (there is a few exceptions ofc)
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