Cyberpunk crashes to black screen and restarts my PC after just a few seconds

Just as the title says.

For the love of god, please do not come in here telling me its my PC in any capacity. My PC is fine, I've run through all my specs, and this is literally the only game that does this. I run brand new games that are far more taxing on my system on max settings with absolutely no issues.

It. Is. Not. My. PC.

I just bought the game, I have not even been able to play it.

**EDIT**: I disabled the Nvidia in-game overlay and now the game runs fine. Don't know why that was effecting it but that seems to have been the culprit. It's so frustrating with these kind of issues because everyone's knee-jerk reaction is "your PC is too weak" when that's almost never the issue. But when you insist that's not the problem everyone scoffs at you and demands your specs.
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It. Is. Not. My. PC.
If you say so...
At least, check this. But even game crashes normally don't make your PC restarts expect if it's tied to something else :(
You can also directly contact the support if nothing work ("contact us" button).

Just for my info, which games you consider "more taxing", knowing that Cyberpunk (2.0+) is notoriously known to be very taxing (hence the update of the requirement in 2.0)
And update 2.11 is even more taxing. Had to give up path tracing. Caused heavy stuttering.
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