Cyberware capacity shard bug

I may have discovered where the potential bug is causing g the cyberware capacity shards to either stop dropping or raise your capacity once one is found. I have done 4 play through since Phantom Liberty released and noticed an issue after 2.02 patch. I watched videos of how to work around this bug with a glitch, but never attempted to risk it. Now recently my current play through the cyberware shards were dropping left and right. However once I went after my first air drop in Dogtown that always has a capacity shard inside it didn't count and essentially locked my capacity in place unless I leveled up or used the perks. But before I even grabbed the air drop I had a tier 5 capacity shard drop for me which worked and raised my capacity. I have a feeling that a bug exist in the airdrop causing a lock on raising your capacity for cyberware. If this could be looked into that would be amazing.
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