Cyberware unequipping itself

Like in the title my cyberware is unequipping itself randomly, it happend a few times already sometimes after missions or gigs and sometimes in the middle of the battle
it's extremely annoying and I have to go the a ripperdoc everytime, here 4 cyberwares are unequipped even though all slots had cyberware
Please tell me that didn’t happen after the latest patch from today…
It's a problem both in this patch and the previous one Idk how about the other patches because I only have been playing cyberpunk for about a month
Happened to me right at the start. I saved, reloaded the game and it is fine.
Reloading saves and turning the game off and on doesn't work they still unequip at random points

I can also add that I only noticed this problem while I'm doing Phantom Liberty, I didn't notice anything like that before but maybe the big will still linger when I will finish the dlc
fresh install and start a new game, or persist in the doomed world CDPR have created.

Seriously though, it's the most reliable way to avoid bugs because they often do get baked into the save files. It sucks, it doesn't make sense, but it's the reality. I have saves from 1.0, 1.1, all the way 1.63 and 2.0. They all carry some specific bugs that plagued those releases to this day.
Yep, cyberware missing!!! Dropped to level 230??? (after previously been at 320) managed to get back up to 326 after picking up capacity shard (first one in months!!!) from regina's office. However cannot now install blood pump so my V dies pretty easily during any random fights. So pissed why CDPR, why??? 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
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