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Demoting over the holidays... exception to rule should be made

This is not a rant and should be concise

I think it is more than fair to change the rule or add an exception for the future for "demoting from pro rank if not under the 500 position at the end of the season" during the holiday time and new year.

I love playing Gwent and have happily logged a couple thousand hours. It is VERY discouraging to be kicked out of Pro Rank due to my family and work obligations during the busy time around the new year... Especially knowing the time it took to get to Pro Rank and will potentially take again if I decide to continue playing more competitively.

It would be nice if changed retroactively but I understand if the change is only set for the future
In the last stream (with Jason) Bruza said that they are considering some changes to MMR system. Tonight there is a stream (mainly to tell about game balancing that is going to come) and may be they will discuss the pro ladder too. It is at 8 PM CST on the official twitch channel.