Dev Diary #1 available at IGN



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Dev Diary #1 available at IGN

Long awaited Dev Diary #1 is finally available to watch! Check out what our teammates have to say about the story and the world of The Witcher - exclusively on IGN.
Aha, thank you for the alert, PM :) Well then, hello Sebastian, Arkadiusz and one poor little fellow who didn't get his name added to the video but he had a really cool shirt :( Tomasz, I believe I have seen and heard from you a few places before, because your voice was very familiar :pSo... done away with the postman quests? Interesting! :) All this teasing information about choices and decisions from the first game having an impact on the new one is so enticing, I can't wait to find out what mechanisms are in place to deal with that :) And 3 classes of characters - chars from the first game, chars from the books and totally new chars. Very cool, very cool :) Very cool indeed :)
I know :)But I am sure that they will have at least time to post something... link, pic, text... ;)So we will see what the next week will bring :)
I think before the next dev diary comes out we will receive tons of (or many) brand new info via the E3 which are refined in dev diary #2.
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