DLSS likely causing computer crash... (re-edited title)



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I've found myself playing this game on SteamDeck rather than my PC due to it crashing sometimes within just 5 minutes of use, sometimes it might take days before it crashes. It could sometimes be performing excellent weeks.

Tried tuning up power settings, putting maximum processor power output to 50% might have worked slightly but still occurs so I doubts it's processor.

When PC crashes, my screen usually freezes, sound usually gets stuck in BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ or something, but if I have YouTube playing on background, it usually produces audio during freeze just fine until it stops I guess from not having any more video downloaded into the computer memory.

I think problems might've increased since last NVIDIA update so might be related to GPU, thoughts? Tried putting -100 in all settings in MSI Afterburner but seems still crash, so maybe it's not GPU either, though it seems it might be graphics related since the screen freeze?

Happened first with Elden Ring, before that I think I had crash free computer. Problems might've gotten slightly more severe since update to windows 11, but like I said problems still existed.

Cleaned out fans last summer and PC is like 3.5 years old by now. I check my PC temperatures and CPU/GPU never go above 90 degrees C.

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Hard drive problem? Corrupted data on your windows installation? Do you have a HDD or an SSD? Have you ran a data integrity check on said drive?


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I have SSD.

I've installed windows 11 over Windows 10 where it already had problem, so I don't think it's OS issue.
Run "sfc /scannow" check, no issues.

Run "Windows Memory Diagnostic", clean.

Run verify integrity of Cyberpunk files also no issue.

I don't usually have crash if I'm not playing, but sometimes I do crash after crashing prior just by being in Windows. It's very strange issue.

Very rarely I get some weird screen issue where whole image gets flickery, it usually lasts quite long time and I often turn screen off for couple of minutes. I wonder if it's that I don't get enough power at times...?

Windows and Nvidia drivers updated, no other drivers to update.
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My old computer used to crash randomly exact same issue with youtube etc..

Narrowed It down to a overly tight cpu cooler and a few pins on the cpu socket needed to be straightened was fine after that.

Sounds like you have changed lots of settings so you may want to put everything back to default including the bios settings and start troubleshooting one step at a time.

Good Luck.
Have you checked your event log?

You should have something in there that points you in a direction. Especially considering you crash randomly even with only Windows running.
After PL Ive also received two inexplicable crashes during gameplay. There was no explanation, only the crash reporter came up.
CP2077 hadn't crashed *once* during the years before phantom liberty since the launch. So this is something new. So far its not very consistent but still.


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I guess it could be the game since this is what's shown in windows logs


I tried running Witcher 3 in max settings directX12 and it run without crash for over an hour of play, same time this game seems to crash very quickly. Though sometimes it doesn't for days.

It's not even any specific area, though it seems like expansion zone seems to trigger this a bit more.

Never had this much happen even during launch, so I'm still a bit puzzled if it's just maybe my memory has some issue, despite the check? Or for whatever reason game uses more power than Witcher 3 in maxed out... Something feels off.


Edit: I changed all settings to minimum and started to play around a bit, ended up with specific kind of setup, now seems to be relatively crash free, so it might be that certain setting is causing a ton of crashes for me, or might overload something in my PC.
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I put down DLSS in settings and tried the AMD gimmicks, seems like for whatever reason that helped and stopped it.

There's something in DLSS that seems to cause an issue with likely my graphics card rtx2080
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