Every new save made in 2.0 gets corrupted right away (PS5)

After updating to 2.0, every save I make (manual,auto,quicksave) from an existing playthrough (3 playthroughs, over 150 hours each) can't be loaded afterwards, it kicks me to main menu saying the save file is corrupted. I can load my 1.65 save files normally, but even if I make a save right away after loading that 1.65 file (without doing anything in game) and then try to reload that new save, it is already corrupted.

I backed up all saves to cloud, and then deleted them from my console and then reinstalled the game+DLC. Downloaded saves after game and DLC got freshly installed, same exact problem, can't make a new save state (that doesn't get corrupted) at any point into 2.0 from an existing playthrough.

(reposted this as a reply in similar topics for more visibility)

EDIT: Just realised I wrote "1.65", of course I meant 1.63 wtf I was thinking, maybe I was too distressed at the time lol

Also, I'd like to point out, this is NOT a DLC problem, it's a 2.0 problem, happened before installing the DLC (and of course persists, so I can't make any new save state into the DLC)
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Someone already started a thread for this issue. It's a common issue and CDPR has confirmed they are working on it. I wouldn't heed their advice though and wouldn't play at all unless you want risk your game saves. It's a very annoying issue and makes the game unplayable. I lost several hours of progress twice and was lucky not to lose one playthrough with over 120 hours. People have been looking for a workaround without any luck. I think we just have to wait for them to update the game as annoying as that is.
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