Exclusive pack for KFC

Ok, and I am done, this is my wallpaper concept. Whenever I get the new logo to finish up things, I'll send everything to Eriash :)
Nice Nice wallpaper... and my husband would KILL ME if I put it up on my home PC.... Don't want him jealous................. :whistle:And funny caption! ;D
:) Husband shouldn't be jealous of pixels. Now if by some miracle Geralt turns into flesh and blood, then all husbands should be careful!Progress regarding the banners... I finally found out that I can actually save animations as video instead of weird color-reduced gif versions. HOORAY! So...http://s33.photobucket.com/albums/d98/grrlgamer/Misc/?action=view&current=Animation4.flv...voila! This is the idea I had in mind for the banners (336x280). The plan is to add the logo (when they're done remodelling it) to the frame that shows the URL.Thoughts? Suggestions? Feel free to comment.
Very nice, but I can't run the animation on the forums (Is your animation meant to be a forum banner?) . What is the weight of the flv file ? It's great BTW. I love the transition effect between the Wolf and Geralt.
Yeah I don't know what's up with these flash tags on the forum, I can't figure out how to embed anything. Supposedly, you place the link to the file between the tags, but it's not working, it only shows the link. These banners are meant for websites though, not forum sigs, but I will see if I can get a smaller one as gif that doesn't look blurry and weird. This was my first time making one after all :)The original avi can be downloaded here: http://www.grrlgamer.com/media/Animation4.avi (32M)
Is this idea put aside or are we still doing a goodie bag? Maybe not for RotWW but still... (I still have all the userbar and wallpaper files though).
KFC members will get special exclusive content bag as soon as it will be possible. With "suspended" status it's hard to say anything more.What you can be sure about, you will get next big announcement, which hopefully will come very soon, earlier than the others.
TheSilver said:
That sounds nice. I hope you folks at CPR can figure out things soon!
We're doing all we can to do so. What I can assure you is all projects are going in right direction :)
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