What do we know about release dates of upcoming CDPR games?

there are plenty of upcoming CDPR games - Witcher 4, 5, 6, CP 2, the new IP - and there's also the Witcher 1 remake from an independent studio.

What are your guesses about release dates?

The only thing that came from CDPR was that the new Witcher trilogy will be released in a 6-year window - and probably with 2 years between the individual games.
This leads me to think the individual games will be more like chapters of a single story, because 2 years is too long for an expansion and too early for a standalone release.

Also, do you think Witcher and CP releases will be independent (marketing, focus of player's attention,...)?

My best guess on the timeline is (concerning hype, marketing, recent CP's release):
- Witcher 1 remake - 2027
- Cyberpunk 2 - 2030 (+ expansions and support up to 2033)
- release some info about the new IP - 2034
- Witcher 4, 5 - 2035-2037 (no expansions, as I think they are story segments)
- share more about the new IP - 2038
- Witcher 6 - 2039 (+ support for the whole trilogy up to 2042 - potentially including crazy stuff like NG+ across the whole trilogy, modding, balance and graphical updates (possibly VR or something crazy),...)
- the new IP - 2044-2045

What do you think?
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I don't think the new IP will be quite that far in the future, or come after everything else. They've already announced there will a new IP, and I doubt they would have if its completion was over 20 years in the future.

Witcher 1 through 3 only took 8 years. Granted, new games are bound to be much bigger and more complex than the oldest CDPR games, but they also have more developers and studios now than 10 years ago.
Considering how CDPR has grown over the years, I'm expecting a much more tight timeline for the next few years.
Otherwise game development would quickly get way too expensive.
Yeah, those dates are all kinds of wrong.

CDPR already confirmed that Polaris is launching before the remake.

Adam said this during the company's third financial call:

"Coming back to The Witcher Remake and when it will come, yes, it will come after Polaris (The Witcher 4), which is a consequence of how we think about this project," says Kiciński. "I think that The Witcher Remake will be based in big part on technologies from Polaris, so it will be developed partially in parallel to Polaris, but once Polaris is launched, everything for Polaris will be then in the final shape, and it will be partially reused in the remake."

In other words, chances are that Polaris releases somewhere between 2026-2028 and is quickly followed by the remake of the first game within a year or so.

Work on the next Cyberpunk game has begun a little while ago and confirmed after moving the Cyberpunk team to Boston. I know a lot of people think that CP2077's development cycle was eight years but we've seen enough confirmation that it actually really began after the release of Blood & Wine which means it was really more of a four years thing. Four years during which they had to improve their engine on top of developing the game. We all saw the result of that. IMO the sequel is four or 5 years away at most.

I'd say we'll see the next Witcher game, the remake and the next CP2077 game before 2030. Barring any unforeseen issues of course like another pandemic or whatever else disaster the world throws at us.

The new IP is definitely not 20 years into the future. This is just wwwaaaaaaayyyyyy too far into the future for a video game company to plan releasing a specific product they already announced. The landscape will change drastically over the next 20 years. The same way it has changed over the last 20 years. Planning that far ahead would be absolutely disastrous and unsustainable. That would be 20 years of working slowly on an IP that might be very poorly received in 20 years. 20 years of adapting to new technology. Hell, 20 years is enough for video games as a whole to disappear**. It's just not happening.

I expect the next IP to release somewhere between now and 2032.

**No, I don't think video games will be gone in 20 years. I'm just illustrating the point that things can change in extreme ways in 20 years.
This thread make me a bit sad. One thing is sure, it's we won't play a new CDPR game for a good while :sad:

True but on a more positive note, based on what they've said and how they have positioned themselves for the future, we've got a few years to go until Polaris but once Polaris drops I expect we will then see a steady stream of games.

Likely alternating between Witcher and Cyberpunk games every two or three years until they eventually throw in that new IP in somewhere in there.

The move to UE will allow them to stop worrying about constantly improving their own engine as well as ensuring that new developers joining them can hit the ground running instead of having to learn how to work with REDengine.

It's a longer gap towards a future with much shorter gaps between CDPR games.
I cannot think of a single game company that has intentionally announced a game for release 20 years after announcement, that is way too overboard, frankly video game companies do not and by restrictions from technological advancements cannot plan that far ahead in the future.
I do hope for another CP DLC, one with a happy, open ending including a property to "retire" with your romance and a carpark large enough for all the vehicles to stay there (and not disappear). I do not insist on a vineyard :D but something adequate for V near NC.

Cheers Euclid
What we know from their strategy update they released a while back: https://www.cdprojekt.com/en/wp-content/uploads-en/2022/10/strategy-update-2022-presentation-en.pdf

Is that they're splitting the production of different games between studios, they now have 2 main studios (NA and EU) and The Molasses Flood.

"Sirius" is likely the Witcher 1 remake. Which is being done by The Molasses Flood.

"Polaris" the new Witcher trilogy is being made by CD Projekt Red and is expected for the entire trilogy to release in a 6 year time span.

"Canis Majoris" is being produced by a 3rd party company, so it's likely being worked on alongside the new trilogy. Likely to release after the trilogy finishes.

"Orion" will be worked on by CD Projekt Red, it's likely that Cyberpunk and Witcher titles are being split between NA and EU studios to allow for their stated "Parallel AAA Development"

"Hadar" their new IP is going to be pure CD Projekt Red. Likely going to be worked on after either Polaris or Orion has released - Unless they expand into a 3rd major studio to handle this IP (Which could make sense - Having 3 major studios all working on their own IP's, Witcher, Cyberpunk and "Hadar")
"Sirius" is likely the Witcher 1 remake. Which is being done by The Molasses Flood.
Nope, "The Witcher Remake" is Canis Majoris and "done" by Polish studio Fool's Theory which just have released The Thaumaturge ;)
Some infos in case :)

I wouldn't make any serious predictions, they do what they think is right and never tell the whole truth to the audience. Plus, conditions in the gaming market are constantly changing. I suggest we just see what happens in the end, no predictions, no expectations or hopes. Of course, I completely exclude for myself the option of prepaying for games. I'm cynical.


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All I'll say as a prediction - they will ALL be out before Elder Scrolls 6 :LOL:
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