[Feature Request] -Cyberwear customization

I can't be alone in wanting cyberwear customization. I want to be able to turn V into a machine. So can we get a cyberwear customization system. So if we wanna be cybernetic from the jaw all the way down we can. Or if we want less cyberwear like just a single arm we can? It's one of the last promises that needs to be addressed. Almost everyone around us has more chrome in a cyberpunk world.

We console players can't add it with mods. I seriously can't be alone with this. I know there's many people who would love to make V a mini smasher, David, or a mix of both.

I mean come on you can't have cyberpunk without cybernetics. I want cyber necks, jaws, arms, hands, legs, body's, eyes, heads, and spine's. And I want to mix and match to my hearts content. And too go along with it new skin tones like a white plastic, or a body like Lizzy's. Come on community don't say I'm alone with this.
We're well past that point. The game is going to get one or two more bug/QOL patches, and we're done. There is no more "content" and that likely means no more features.

Fwiw, you can have what you asked for with mods if you play on PC.
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