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Fiddling with Ciri: Nova NR

Hello everyone. I fiddled around and made the following deck at the moment:

Leader: Radovid

Dandelion: Poet
Ciri: Nova

Alzur's Double Cross

2x Kaedweni Sergeant
2x Siege Tower
2x Reinforced Trebuchet
2x Siege Support
2x Redanian Knight-Elect
2x Tormented Mage
2x Reaver Scout
2x Thunderbolt

My goal here was pretty simple. NR has notoriously bad short-round plays, and I wanted to try to give it heavy short-round power. As a result I built for a high-power Shani and Ciri: Nova in particular. The stock expectation is that you dump Witcher Trio and a gold (preferably Poet) during Round 1 or 2 and end up using R3 to get out Nenneke to shuffle 2 Witchers and a Roach back into deck (if you play Nenneke R2 like this for a R3 Shani, you're adding 3 bricks to R3 topdecks). Then you play Shani fetching the 3rd witcher for a 26 point play (+5 per Siege Support out). Siege Support synergizes with Reaver Scouts, Witcher Trio, Dandelion: Poet, Shani, and Roach. It also makes Trebuchet and Knight-Elect survive Alzur's Thunder. Deckthinning comes in the form of Reaver Scout, Tormented Mage, Witcher Trio, Roach, and Dandelion: Poet. The biggest bronze play this deck has is probably (with 2 Siege Supports out), Reaver Scout fetching a Siege Tower between 2x Crew for a 19point bronze play total (add 13 if you're using Dandelion: Poet fetching out a Roach). The leader's Radovid because the deck needs the control honestly. Worst case scenario Radovid's a 14 point leader that gives Crew, which is not exactly good, but still playable.

Now the overall result here is that this deck has some strong tempo and decent engines in the long round while also having very big plays for the short round. Adding Alzur's Double Cross made a major difference in Shani's consistency. I like the deck's tempo and while it can probably do rather well at lower rankings, I'm pretty sure this isn't a very good deck on the whole. Not when we compare it to competitive matchups like Emhyr Handbuff and Consume, which are auto-lose. There's some slowing down of Greatswords thanks to Radovid's double lock and the ability to leapfrog tempo in R1 but I'm not sure how good the matchup is overall. The aggressive use of the deck's gold and silver slots to generate tempo has left it without a lot of counters to other decks and Radovid can only do so much. Anyone have any suggestions?

I suspect it would probably be better to save the silver slots, throw out witchers and Nenneke and replace them with Germain Piquant and Commander's Horn and fit in Natalis. Then the combo just becomes Germain Piquant + Natalis(Horn) instead of Nenneke + Shani(Witchers). I would also be able to fit in cards like Margarita and Artifact Compression giving me much heavier control tech. What's the best way to make Witchers work anyway? It seems like 3 silvers is too steep a price for 18 points and I'm not seeing much better than this.
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