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Guaranteed Rare Card Week is now live! Or is it?



Anyone know what's up with this event?
They said every Keg, I've opened for kegs today 1 earlier when the event was posted and 3 more a few minutes ago.
The 1st keg gave me a rare but those last 3 didn't....
Am I missing something?


Yeah, the event is live now. You should be getting at least one rare (blue) card in the first 4 cards. If that's not the case, please contact support and let them know about it.


Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

A rare card doesn't have to be a golden or a silver card, bronze cards can also be rare. Rarity of a card is depicted by a small square in the bottom-right corner of a card. For instance Slyzard, which is a bronze card, is also rare (Slyzard dropped for you from a keg recently).



Rare is not defined as silver is it? I notice you said blue.

Just checking.
At the bottom right of each card is a gem colour for Rarity. They go as follows:
White for Common
Blue for Rare
Purple for Epic
Gold for Legendary

It is confusing at first when you also have Bronze, Silver and Gold cards but that's more for constructed limits.
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rares are bronzes, and in addition to the little blue gem, in the keg screen their description has a big blue line next to it (and the card has a blue glow when moused over), the other colors are as noted by @Clxmj