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How to read a card description when it is summoned/played from the deck

On the Xbox version, if you play a card that plays a card from your deck, it comes out and then hovers in the air for you to place it on a row. Does anyone know when it is sitting there waiting to be placed on the board is there a way to read the card description? Old version I use to be able to hit like the trigger or something to read it, now I can't, I tried every button but they don't seem to work. I can't remember every single cards description of which row it has to be played on to trigger its ability and more often than not I pick the wrong row, preventing the card from triggering.
Really glad you raised this as it is definitely a design problem (especially for new players). For example, I often have to double check row placement on the card's description before playing it from the opponent's graveyard. And you can't rely on this "work-around" when using Canterella to play the top card off their deck..
I really don't understand how this issue could have been overlooked. The developers have to remember that not everyone has memorized these card abilities and at times we need to remind ourselves how they should be used.
Do you know the best way to remember your spouse's birthday? It is to forget it once :p:p:p

May be it is one of the design principles. Jokes aside, even with readily readable description, I had misplaced my win condition cards on wrong row when I try those cards first. I had placed Selkirk on Ranged row, Avallach (s) on Melee row etc. But only once. After that I never forgot. Now instinctly I place them on the right row.