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I want to congratulate CDPR on still being the kings of open world.

The Witcher 3 remains an absolute masterpiece of the open world genre, RDR2 can't hold a fuckin candle to W3.

Congratulations to a studio who created the single best RPG in their 3rd game ever.

Epic motherfuckers you guys are.
This is not a sport and even if it were the games are pretty different (ex: swords vs guns, reality vs fantasy, genre, mechanics and tone) and we can appreciate them on their own. You shouldn't expect newer games to be worse than past released games because ultimately it would end up affecting CDPR too. Healthy competition is the best for the industry and their progress. I don't know how the game is yet but imagine it is much better (hope so for the reasons mentioned and because I like videogames). CDPR could implement all those things and ideas on CP77 on top of their own progress. It could even improve W3 or what do you think mods are for. It's a win-win.
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RDR2 is not even close to being the best game ever, its basically a horse riding simulator and CDPR isn't even reported to be working on The Witcher 4 so..
Okay. Let's not turn this forum or thread into a Which Open World Game Is Best war thanks. And avoid the denigrating remarks.

Witcher 3 is excellent and one kind of game. RDR 2 is excellent and another kind of game.

If you're here to put other games down, it doesn't do a lot of good for a community, so please don't.
If you cannot have a civil discussion about this, the thread will be closed.

Haven't played RDR2 myself (don't even own a PS4), but like Sard said it's a different kind of open world than Witcher 3.
From what I've seen of it, I'd wager I would like it. If only because of the horses and riding around. I would probably spend hours doing just that -- just like I can spend long periods of time just riding around on Roach.

Witcher 3 is my all-time favourite game, but by no means the only open-world game I enjoy.
Why even compare them? TW3 and RDR2 are both open world and that's it, nothing else connect those two game.

TW3 is fantasy setting with monsters swords and magic, RDR2 well like RDR is just GTA set in wild west, RDR is great game if you like wild west for me it was ok game but, nothing so special.

Both are great open world games the end.
Comparing both games is pointless, as one is an action-adventure and the other an action-RPG and both are excellent at what they do.

Which one you prefer mostly depends on personal preference of game genre and setting.

That said, I can recommend RDR2 wholeheartedly. Excellent and beautiful game with the most reactive sandbox world I've encountered.

We leave these threads open for a couple reasons, when we do leave them open.

1. Because it's a discussion forum, so you should, you know, discuss.

2. They draw out people who we then make go away before they become a problem.

If you're here for the first reason, please, post away and enjoy.

If you're here for the second reason, also please post away.
RDR2 is a better game it’s a true one of a kind masterpiece, and this is coming from a guy that loved the Witcher games and played all of them, Witcher 3 was the best single player game I ever played until I played Red Dead Redemption 2.

Hopefully this leads to great competition between the companies with future releases like Cyberpunk and Witcher 4, Rockstar and CDPR are still dedicated to creating amazing out of this world single player games, lucky for us they still care about this genre even though it’s the hardest games to make, most other companies are all about easy money multiplayer games today
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I don't think we should compare TW3 and RDR2. Not because of the genre but because TW3 is a 4 year old benchmark. It will not stack up against a newer open world visually and technologically. I'm not fan huge of Rockstar games because they lack character depth. They kind of made a very "meh" version of Max Payne that played great but as a story it sucked. The last rockstar game that had meaningful character interactions and emotional/character depth was L.A. Noir (imo) and that game still has no sequel.
Honestly TW3 was mediocre at best in everything except story and conversation.

I had zero interest in starting a NG+ once I beat it once, because it was just so... Tedious.

RDR2 on the other hand, it's almost perfect. Horses that aren't a hassle to ride, weapons that are fun to use, the care put into the world, the character interactions. Amazing.

CDPR could learn a thing or two from Rockstar.
Red Dead Redemption 2
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The last rockstar game that had meaningful character interactions and emotional/character depth was L.A. Noir (imo) and that game still has no sequel.
True RPG-level character depth or development isn't neccesary for parody/crime-pastiche as GTA. The characters are more or less there to facilitate action-driven gameplay and give a few shocks, surprises and giggles on the side. I think Red Dead Redemption showed that Rockstar is capable of good storytelling when they actually give it a shot.

And I loved L.A. Noire, but given the way Rockstar and Team Bondi parted ways, I doubt we'll see a sequel...
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