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Idea - more dead bodies in Velen



Idea - more dead bodies in Velen

I recall a convo with Emhyr’s men that death toll in Velen was far greater than expected and on unprecedented levels, yet there is were no fields of dead bodies last I played. How hard would it be to drop/place some 50-100 dead generic bodies in a few locations?

​​​​​​I will not have a functional PC for months to come, but for someone else it could be an awesome achievement!





Not really possible, the closest you could get is just spawning entities in the area, which isn't a good solution.

Correction - it is possible using w2l files.
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In the area near the Hanged Man's tree you can find quite a few. I suppose there could be more but eh.


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I mean there are the battlefields with quite a lot of dead soldiers (and now ghouls)...

Apart from that I doesn’t make a lot of sense in my opinion to spawn cadavers all over Velen.


Not all over Velen, but in my opinion, there should be more signs of battles that left a great number of dead.bodies, not just a tad here and there...