Impossible “Don’t Fear The Reaper” Questline

Love the game I do, but now I’m starting to hate it. Congrats CD Projekt Red should be proud of themselves because they’ve managed to create unbeatable NPCs in a single player game. Other players may have complained about the difficulty before 2.0 but honestly I didn’t see a problem, because not only is it a single player game, but lore accurately V is overpowered. I’m on my 20th attempt (not exaggerating) of trying to beat the Don’t Fear The Reaper Questline on” Very Hard”. Prior to the 2.0 update it was possible unfortunately now it’s not. I understand lore wise it’s supposed to be nearly impossible but this is beyond ridiculous. Why is it I’m getting one shotted in this questline but every single enemy takes a full clip to eliminate. That’s not balanced at all. Every other questline I’m able to dominate on the hardest difficulty with status effects purchased from vendors but this one is impossible. I’m absolutely FURIOUS with this, it’s literally not playable. I just don’t understand the thought process of making a single player game more difficult. How am I supposed to beat the questline without changing the difficulty, because honestly if it’s an available difficulty, then logically it should be beatable. However it’s not because the player will consistently get one shotted in the questline. Hopefully CD Projekt RED resolves this issue because I loved playing this game, however this issue is absolutely making this game atrocious.

Impossible “Don’t Fear The Reaper” Questline
Impossible “Don’t Fear The Reaper” Questline pt. 2
Impossible Smasher Boss (Don’t Fear The Reaper)
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