I have stable optical internet conection. Never lost conection in any game until now. I like to play Gwent becouse i bolive this game never punish free player and everyone have same chance. Today i expiriensed an unpleseant exspirience. I win 3 mach in the row. Becouse i start from 0/5, after that win 3 match and i make rank 4/5. I know one win make me one position better in rank match. After two round i have +2 card. Best recipe for wining. On start third round i had 5 and opponent had 3 card. Then i lost my perfect connection and lost match... I just want to ask you way doing that? Becouse i dont pay skins? Is this game free or you punish free player to force them to pay? I am here from beta Gwent. Never use a voice. But now i tnink i need to explain other players how this game it work.

This maybe highly translatable post i try to send to support but from some reason i go this: There was a problem while submitting your request... Format is 792/1000 leathers. I am not robot also chek... I think something is strange with free opinion. you heve tehnical support but cant use becouse your post is against irregularities theirs rules. This almost great game start to disappointed me...
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For reporting: In same time i play gwent, my douther play cs:go without eny issues
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Well, I'm a free player and never had this kind of issues. You simply lost your perfect connection. Win other matches and thats all.
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