Winner, still a looser

Yesterday I had my precious MMR tainted with weird match results.

I lost MMR after winning with players in PRO rank. Instead of seeing my score updated on second screen post battle, I saw myself being on rank 30th. When back in Menu, I saw my points deducted from Pro rank - just like after loosing the game.

Also... to see my score updated, I must visit my profile, cause score in "Play" section is not updated until I restart the game.

Did that happen to any of you folks? If so, did you find a way around it?
Playing now only hurts my feelings :cry:
I did see a lot of nonsense yesterday, including the level 30 stuff and quite a few crashes on load screen where it never loaded the match after starting it, but I didn't realize it could also be deducting points for wins, lmao. If true, that's some next level of garbage :D


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Also saw the rank 30 mosaic while in pro rank, but i didnt notice if MMR was deducted with wins.
On a related note, I am not losing progress even when I lose multiple matches in a row: something quite annoying when one doesn’t want to gain ranks.
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