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Ivoreth's Gambit

This card is strange. (and somehow unique...)
Does it create a copy of cards in a deck and then play it?
Does it take cards from the deck and play it?
What if I have 4/5 traps in my hand, will they be used and then drawn new cards in their place? Oh no no.

I encountered such a problematic situation: In round 3 I played Ivoreth's Gambit using Francesca's Leader ability... 14-pts special card went automaticaly to the graveyard.
In first round it was used normally. I had 5 trap cards in my deck.
Maybe if played from graveyard, it takes the current deck as a starting deck input - so in round 3 my starting deck was shorter by all cards I played in round 1,2 so this way I didn't have 4 traps in round 3.
It makes me feel sad because Trap archetype is not really good, Ivoreth's Gambit has too high recruit cost if you look at other 14pts cards etc etc...

In conclusion, it has either not clear enough description, or doesn't always work properly.
From the description it doesn't create a copy, but plays two random traps from your remaining deck (not your starting deck).
So, if you have all your traps already in your hand or used them already there won't be any effect at all.
And I guess that was the case for you too. You had already played all your traps, such that none was left in your deck.

Also, I don't think that the card is too weak. It feels like a much more usefull version of Vernon Roche, as the card pool is smaller, such that you know beforehand what you will likely get. And Vernon Roche is 12 provisions, but has a -3 body.
Ok, so if I have in hand 2 out of a total of 4 traps, will it play the 2 traps that are in the deck, or does it require 4/4 cards to be in the deck and 0/4 in hand?
(regarding Vernon etc I won't argue just try playing a trap deck. Another thing is however, that there are so few good traps to make it work with Ivoreth's Gambit well..)
(starting deck as the full-25+ cards deck would make sense as there wouldn't be this troublesome limitation to the "almost-sihil-card" -_- Ivoreth's Gambit that if you have used some traps, you screw yourself up... in a Trap Deck... ain't no using traps duh)

And the description clearly states that it's starting deck, dunno maybe translation?


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Ok, so if I have in hand 2 out of a total of 4 traps, will it play the 2 traps that are in the deck, or does it require 4/4 cards to be in the deck and 0/4 in hand?
You're overthinking it. For Gambit to work you'll need at least 4 traps in your starting deck. Then it plays 2 random traps from your deck. So, if you have 2 traps in your hand and 2 traps in your deck, Gambit will play the remaining 2 traps. And if you have no traps left in your deck, then Gambit doesn't do anything.
But I kinda agree that it needs to be reworded, at least to: " 2 random traps from your deck."
ah and one more strange thing
It played 2 traps that attack an enemy for 5
opponent played a 3-hp card so first activated trap killed it... and guess what
second trap activated as well immediately.... and did nothing...It would make more sense if second trap activated itself only if there's anything to do... otherwise for 14 provisions you play a 6 card, ugh...
Doesn't really sound like a bug to me, and I would have expected exactly that to happen. Nonetheless, that isn't a very good behavior and should definetly be changed, else Iorveth's Gambit becomes really useless.
ok I'll send it via provided link, though only 1000 characters to describe and seems I can't quite put it shortly... I sent to Category "Gameplay -> Text&Description" as it's not an actual bug.

When the 14-cost card Ivoreth's Gambit plays 2 trap cards which activate after opponent plays a card, then both of them activate, even if the card played by opponent is already destroyed by the first trap, which doesn't make much sense.
I'd expect:
opponents plays a 3-health card - first trap activates and kills it.
next round opponents plays second unit and then second trap activates.
opponent plays a 6-hp card. Then first trap activates and damages it for 5, then second trap activates and damages it for 1.

(Another considerable case, as it is now: Opponent plays 2 cards in one move (Witchers trio) - only the played witcher gets targeted by Trap, the other 2 do not (that's ok).)

Otherwise, considering there are only 5 nice traps, there is very high chance that an almost-sihil-card plays just 1 trap (second trap being useless) or in case of drawing a lot traps in first round, with Ivoreth's Gambit drawn in 3rd, being completely useless insta-graveyard card........

Also the wording is bad, it states that the card plays from STARTING deck whereas actually it's just the remaining Deck.
By starting deck I'd understand the 25+cards deck so even if you use up all 4 traps but had 4+ traps in the STARTING deck, you could still effectively use Ivoreth's Gambit, it would like create copies of trap cards and extend the amout of traps then...
A player who spent 800 scraps thinking of the 25+ starting deck, might feel misslead by the description.
Honestly, this card is a slap to the nuts :). For 14p it should at least let you pick the traps played. You already need to tailor the deck specifically to use the card (carry 4 traps) and manage them via mulligans. Otherwise you don't have 2 traps in the deck and the card sorta bricks. It's actually surprisingly good when it works. The problem is getting it to work. The "bug" described above adds fuel to the fire. Not only do you need to carry traps and draw/mulligan right but you need to draw/mulligan the right cards.
Yeah I crafted it and found out that it wastes the second trap if they have the same trigger even if the unit was already dealt with by the first one. Makes it a really bad card. I've lost games just because I was trying to use it.
Oh well, the answer is "The situation you reported is as designed. "
I guess we'll wait hopefuly for a decent Traps archetype till new 100 cards arrival in March...
Let's get slapped in the nuts by Ivoreth's Gambit, everybody...