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Made a Witcher themed control deck, would like opinions.

Want opinions and possible improvements for my Witcher control deck if you guys wouldn't mind!

25 cards
165 provisions

Leader: Usurper

Gold Cards: 11

Royal Decree
Letho of Gulet
Joachim de Wett
Vesemir: Mentor
Ivo of Belhaven
Traheaem var Vdyffir

Bronze Cards: 14

Alzur's Thunder x1
Viper Witcher x2
Dimeritium Shackles x2
Vicovaro Novice x1
Alba Armored Cavalry x2
Rot Tosser x2
Dimeritium Bomb x1
Magne Division x2
Slave Driver x1

So far it works well but man, you can get some weeeeeird hands that kind of sort of work. Any suggestions are welcome except for changing leaders.
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Made a few slight changes.

Dropped Letho, Vdyffir, Alzur's Thunder, Vicovaro Novice.


Geralt Yrdrn, Trial of the Grasses, Spores and a Slave Driver (2 total now).

Went from rank 35ish to rank 24. Deck smacks people around pretty hard because it has a lot of strong finishers. Will keep testing to see if it works at higher ranks.
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30+ views and not a single comment or suggestion? :(
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Very risky to play trio witchers with Usurper.
People usually do either witchers with another leader or less witcher-heavy Usurper for control.
Also if you don't get Royal decree or vesemir:mentor in your initial hand the whole concept of the deck kinda dies there. There is a good amount of matches where you should insta forfeit if this happens.
I tested it for a few days. Works pretty fine . Rank 22. I think you better keep Letho
Rank 16 is where I stopped, could go higher but not worth the frustration.

Everyone sees Usurper and assumes Letho, then uses all their mulligans round 1 and that makes Letho bad. It's better to run Yrden or something.