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Nilfgaard Lock and Burn

A modification to my NG reveal burn deck to make it more versatile after playing a Usurper anti fun deck that inspired changes.

Leader: Usurper

Gold Cards: 9

Royal Decree
Alzur's Double-Cross
Letho: Kingslayer

Gold card breakdown: Operator and Letho are ONLY used to field more Mangonels and can be tutor'd via Alzur's Double Cross.

Vryghef is a power play card, lets you trigger 4 reveals.

Witcher tio is there mostly for deck thinning. The 12 point 1 card play isn't half bad either (Roach makes up the additional 3 points).

Bronze Cards: 16

Alzur's Thunder x2
Dimeritium Shackles x2
Ointment x2
Vicovaro Novice x1
Mangonel x2
Recruit x2
Deithwen Arbalest x2
Alba Armored Cavalry x2
Magne Division x1

Bronze Card breakdown: It's mostly self explanatory. Summon multiple Mangonels (preferably using Letho and Operator to conserve original Mangonels for the final round).

Novice is there because sometimes RNJesus will hate you and give you 2 or more Witcher trio members and Novice helps fix that.

Magne Division is a long term power play/bait card, always play it on the ranged row due to Alba Armored Cavalry but be mindful that Novice needs to be played on the ranged row as well.

Ointment is a massively versatile card, giving you 2 additional reveals or another lock while giving you a +2 to power for the target.

Alba and Shackles are there to make your opponent hate life, especially with Ointment as that's a potential 6 locks!

Alzure's Thunder is just generic removal with a decent point cost.

Using Usurper imo is far superior to using Voorhis becuse Voohris only reveals 3 cards with a have more than enough reveals with Ointments, Vrygheff, Recruits and Arbalests whereas Usurper just crushes most decks as they rely on their leader to execute combos efficiently, making it passively easier to spam reveal burn and mass locks.