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Meteorite Powder Pricing Confusion


I've been playing Gwent on PS4 for a while now and loving it. So I thought I'd drop some money and get some meteorite powder but I noticed the pricing seems off, for example:

400 Powder costs £2.49
800 costs £7.39

So it's much cheaper to buy 2 stacks of 400 rather than a stack of 800.

Also: 1600 Powder costs £8.99, so you could buy 800 for £7.39 OR for an extra £1.60 get 1600.......sorry but this seems really muddled up to me and I refuse to even press a buy button on the game until I know whats going on in this system, because something is definitely wrong with this pricing.

Just to recap I do love this Game, and I do want to support it but something just doesn't look right with this picture.

Gwent Store.jpg
I've moved your post to its own thread in the tech support forum because it's a technical issue, that is the pricing seems incorrect. It's best to contact CDPR directly, in this case.