[Minor Spoiler] Just Another Story Job inconsistently timed

This is another instance where the devs didn't test the job. Here's what happens:

As you driving around you'll ocasionally see a wheel icon in the minimap and there you find a car that will appear gold in your Kiroshis and as soon as you get into it the Captain will call and tell you to take it to a certain location in 3 different ways:
  1. Normal run. Enemies will appear in cars and bikes and attack. There is no bonus at the end.
  2. Undamaged run. No enemies will appear but you need to drive with a bit of care not to damage the car too much. There is a bonus if the car is undamaged or has very little damage.
  3. Timed run. Some time after you star driving you'll receive another call from the captain where he'll tell you that the buyer is leaving NC and you need to hurry. Then a count down appears and enemies may appear like in the normal run or not. Most of the time they do.
My issue is with #3 (I'm playing in Very Hard difficulty) because the time you have to get to the destinantion is insufficient more often than not. Here you might think that I'm complaning because I'm a bad driver and this is what I have to say about it: I'm not an elite driver but I'm good enough and also consistent.

The thing is that some times I get to the destination with nearly a minute left in the clock and other times the clock runs out when I'm still several KM away. That means the given time is not taking a bunch of things into consideration, like the max speed of the car or the number of turns you have to take or whatever else it should consider so the time is barely enough for you to get there if you're driving without hiting too many obstacles.

After a dozen or so times I decided that the moment I get the second call I just stop, get out of the car an blow it to pieces. The result is this:


For me that is less annoying than spending several minutes driving just to fail the optional objective because the time wasn't enough from the begining. That said the one who doesn't have his shit together is the stupid ******* that told me to drive a garbage truck for 4 Km in under 2 minutes. As a matter of fact the whole premise of the timed mission is stupid, but that's just my opinion.

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I thought the gig was only for cars but it turns out bikes are also in the menu:

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The timing issue was pretty much fixed in 2.02.

Unfortunately I don't think the actual issue (the stupid, retarded, braindead justifications for the timed objective) will ever be fixed.
It would have been so easy to hear:
  • Hey V. My choom here says you can't drive for shit and is willing to put the eddies where his mouth is. Not very smart of him but they say loosing smarts so how about we help him out with that?
  • Hey V. The client is in a rush and willing to pay extra for it. What do we say to extra eddies? We say yes so get here, fast.
  • Hey V. How about we put your skills to the test? Get here before the timer runs out and I'll make you a happier merc.
And if you fail the very, very OPTIONAL timed objective:
  • Oh V. I just heard the saddest sound. Thats the sound of easy eddies flying away never to be seen again. Better luck next time.
  • Close, V. So close. But not enough. Better luck next time.
You just have to follow 2 simple rules:
  1. Give a believable, reasonable justification for the rush.
  2. When failing the OPTIONAL objective just say "Meh. Better luck next time." and don't make a big deal out of it.
What you don't do is this:
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