mods for console players

It's very unlikely that more cosmetic items such as hairstyles, hair colors, clothing, piercings or makeup will be added to the game, so I suggest mod support for ps5 and xbox players.
Yeah, consoles are always under scrutiny by Microsoft and Sony.

Even official patches need to be approved before they can be shipped on consoles (This is why you sometimes see delays between PC and Console updates).

So while players and developers might wish to enable mod support on consoles, it's all down to the console manufacturer's whim if such a thing can happen. Which, as such things doesn't earn them money, they have little reason to change their minds about mod support.
As mentioned, Bethesda allows for mods on a couple of their games for consoles. So it wouldn't be so farfetched for CD Project Red. Obviously nudity isn't so much the issue, since it's throughout the game. The new gen of consoles can handle the strain of mods, so that's not the issue either. The only thing holding back is the time put into it. As long as there are the rules and moderators watching. Furthermore, if mods were allowed, it would actually increase sales because the interest from non pc users would dramatically increase, even for an older game such as this.
Mod support gets weird on Console.

Bethesda as mentioned allows it, But unlike on PC everything goes through their approval process. For instance one of the most popular mods for Fall Out 4 for is CBBE, which allows for more character customization, body size, dimensions, curves etc.... it is available on console, but its censored, the PC version allows nudity the Console version does not.

Other mods are outright banned on console, either due to branding or licensing issues or the type of mod. For example, branded weapons, or real world cars. Or something the dev/platform considers inappropriate and this can take many forms.

This means all mods need to be reviewed, which means staff to review them, which means time and money, something most devs don't seem too interested in. Even Bethesda seems to be pushing everything towards the "Creation Club" which is monetized, seemingly to offset the cost of reviewing mods, the good news is the modders get part of the money on paid mods, but Bethesda also gets paid, and while some people don't mind paying for mods, if that trend continues we get dangerously close to mods becoming the new microtransactions.

Then the platform like Sony or Microsoft needs final approval, which may or may not come, Sony is very strict about content and becoming more so recently... Several games needed the base game to be slightly censored to get on the console, meaning, one or two missing scenes from the game that are present on PC and Xbox...

And that's before getting into the fact that while some of the mods "Work" on console they can be a bit broken,

Personally I'd like to see more mod support on console, without having to "Jail Break" the consoles themselves.... But there are several roadblocks so I understand why more Developers/Publishers don't implement it. Hell, I played CP2077 on PS5 at launch, and after eventually bought it on PC just to check out all the crazy mods I was seeing, So i fully understanding wanting to have them, And I get not everyone can just build a new PC to experience mods with all the settings turned up, SO yeah it would definitely be cool.... but It's not very likely unfortunately.
Just to add to what @DjSpyder said, from what I understood, the "rules" to submit a mod on Bethesda game(s) (if we can say that... ) are not clear and explicit. In short, Playstation or Microsoft can refuse a mod simply because... they don't want it on their consoles. No need to say that if you're a modder, spent days/weeks/months to make your mod and it is rejected for no obvious reason, you simply wasted your time :(

And taking Bethesda as example can be the worse example ever... Bethesda is among the few studios which think about mods while developing their games. To have a better idea about mod on consoles, better to look how many studios simply no allow mods on consoles (not worth it for whatever the reason). Then, modders still wait the Creation Kit for Starfield (PC), so before seeing mods some for Starfield on Xbox, a bunch of water will flow under the bridge. If mods ever come one day on consoles...
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