My favourite game, now dead

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It's the irony of how this game will NOT satisfy everyone and will keep on disappointing.. there's something about it familiar, so real. I love it. It is entertaining and I'm here for it. To remain on topic - pinky promise to make a topic about 2.0 (when I'll play it), if something is super off. I am sorry to hear these first impressions :(
Not as sorry as I am to have this turd foisted on us. I've been a fanboy since launch and defended this game right and left, but no more.
Not as sorry as I am to have this turd foisted on us. I've been a fanboy since launch and defended this game right and left, but no more.
I think the devs tried a bit too hard to revamp things that players liked as they have been.

my irritations with 2.0 are more about audio and path tracing (path tracing looks worse in 2.0 than in 1.63)
Unfortunately this seems to be the case. I'm also not sure Gabe was the best choice for director. His previous work involves primarily Multiplayer and it kinda show with the design style they went for in 2.0.

Wasn't he game director at Bioware?
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The RAM costs changes and strongarming Netrunners into close quarters combat is truly insane.

Where's the fabled class fantasy? The whole Netrunning just lost it's soul. Somebody call Mike Pondsmith to lecture CDPR Team about Netrunning.

Yeah, they completely removed stealth playstyle, taking a build based on Intelligence and forcing this build into combat. It's total incompetence.

They destroyed any build that isn't "take this gun and shoot". The strenght of the original game was to be able to approach most scenario in the way you preferred, now you are always forced into a fight.
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Nope... fresh install didn't fix anything. I'll see if they patch the update, if not I'm done. Middle finger to PL.View attachment 11362498
Been experimenting a little bit and it seems like this problem is partially with photo mode. I've noticed this occurs more often than not the first time you enter PM - but after several attempts, that weird shading won't be there and it will look normal. But it's always hit or miss as to whether it'll work properly.

It doesn't, however, fix the neck seam problem with some tops worn without a jacket - that problem wasn't caused by 2.0 though, it's been around for a long time and hasn't been fixed to date.
personally i love the changes, i dont even like gta so i wouldnt call it a clone, that said i dont do stealth and i am focused towards the technical ability skill tree which feels fantastic
Wow...yea, back to being scarce on here again. Too much negativity for my liking.
What I find so weird is that I got hacking to work on Very Hard difficulty. It wasn't great, but my character was freshly reset with VERY suboptimal gear and little to no smart guns.

I could 1-chain kill most enemies if I remembered to stack the damage dealing hacks to the end, which then refills your memory by a lot of you're specced for it. It's a bit more of a staggered experience than before, but very much viable.

But I get the frustration of not really being able to stealth hack everything anymore. It was a convenient playstyle. I just don't know if there was a way to NOT make that broken without either neutering the damage of quick hacks further (making open battle with quick hacks almost pointless) or by doing it as it is now and basically encouraging you to do non-damaging hacks first and then grill your opponents while they're hindered.

I fear that there was no way to make it work for everyone and CDPR made the decision to leave one playstyle behind to keep another around.
Look, everyone [actually I was implying the exact opposite, but sure; note taken.] knew the previous Netrunner build was just beyond stupid. Absolutely nothing could stand in your path, it outclassed everything else by miles. "But the game is Single Player, balance is meaningless" not when things are favoured so far to one side to the point where it's a bad choice going the other. The nerf was warranted, and I welcome it while being a primarily Netrunner player. The new perks are really good, and while I don't exactly relish the whole "combo this type with that", it works decently enough. Distract Enemies should cost 1 RAM though, no matter the object, to incentivize using it [the combo aspect] more.

What I dislike is the current inability the game is giving us in playing STEALTH Netrunner. Everyone traces you, and if you wanna play stealthy, you'll have to run away and back several times.

Seriously, add a simple "this [your Quickhack target] and those [2 random] enemies in the same network are tracing you", give them white outlines like enemies get when you use Distract Enemies, AND LET US DEAL WITH THE PROBLEM BY ENGAGING IT. We kill the enemies running the trace, it stops. When we hack someone else, another trace begins. Having to run away and back everytime a trace is happening is atrocious, and makes us do the exact opposite of what you would with a game: engage with the content.

Just my 2 cents.

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Edit 2: Check my post deeper in the thread, these complaints lose their value as you level up.
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Some things never change, here's how to deescalate a gang war nonlethally :D

Personally I am playing around and trying to test out all the intricacies of the new Netrunning as I go. It's definitely not ruined and definitely not weaker than before. I'd say it's actually even more powerful than ever, but more grounded feeling and slightly gimmicky so it needs a bit of learning to make it shine. And the proper gear too. But I honestly have no issue annihilating groups of enemies just by clicking a button.

When it comes to Overclocking, my only wish is that they reduce costs of RAM by 25% so that overclocking is not an absolute requirement, because currently the RAM costs really do feel quite high. Especially with Mind Reset which has a whooping 32 RAM cost which not even I as a level 50 Netrunner with fully optimized gear can use without being overclocked because my max RAM is 31.

Overclocking should be a bonus feature to the Netrunner build so that the player can use it in extreme circumstances, but not an absolute requirement that the build entirely revolves around. I haven't started a new playthrough yet, but I am scared of how Netrunning will look like at starter levels with these RAM costs.

As for utility and stealth though it is where Netrunning really became more grounded and engaging, which I personally enjoy since previously it was a simple matter of just sending out Reboot Optics and game over, everyone blind. It's a lot more engaging now and Sonic Shock became my new best friend. Sonic Shock + any other quickhack entirely avoids tracing.

HOWEVER the only issue I massively dislike with stealth netrunning is that tracing is performed globally without a specific person in the group doing it. I was under the impression that being traced will be performed by the group's Netrunner and that taking them out will stop it. But unfortunately it's just an incredibly shallow gimmick mechanic that breaks immersion because it's done globally until the last enemy is dealt with.

So instead of a very immersive tactical gameplay of having to find out who the Netrunner is and taking them out, we instead get a global timer for stealth segments which is constantly buzzing the entire time until the last enemy is dealt with.

That to me is the reason why I seriously do not like how tracing is done. It's a good idea, but executed extremely poorly. There should be specific targets to deal with in order to stop it, kinda like how previously we had Breach Protocol to permanently disable certain aspects of a location. Dealing with the Netrunner should permanently disable their ICE protection which makes all hacks untraceable for that location.

This would then give incentive to also scout out the area through cameras to find the Netrunner before really diving in.
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Netrunner Builds aren't dead, they can be even more OP, if you take your time to read the skills and combine it with the cyberware.

The pathetic shell of netrunning we have been left with is 1000% not worth the skill points it takes to unlock. Overclocking is a bad joke and the queueing system is the dumbest thing I've seen outside of a Bethesda game.

This patch has rendered a huge slice of the game it is supposed to improve, completely impotent and useless

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The pathetic shell of netrunning we have been left with is 1000% not worth the skill points it takes to unlock. Overclocking is a bad joke and the queueing system is the dumbest thing I've seen outside of a Bethesda game.

This patch has rendered a huge slice of the game it is supposed to improve, completely impotent and useless

Yea, no.
It's not a pathetic shell and overclocking is not a joke, if you create a well thought build.
The queue system is nice and you can create devestating combos with it.
You just have to delve deeper into the skill tree.
The queuing is definitely a fantastic addition because previously the player had to wait until a quickhack was done uploading in order to upload the next one. And also there were cooldowns, so the player had to wait for them to finish unless they were using the Rippler which is a level 40 Street cyberdeck.

Now there are no cooldowns and the player can unleash insane amounts of quickhacks on a target by queuing them which all the rest after the initial one trigger instantly, but naturally now resource management is a serious thing where as previously it wasn't.

I think if CDPR just reduced the current cost of quickhacks by a mere 25% it would be perfect so that Netrunning doesn't entirely revolve around overclocking, but otherwise Netrunning really feels nice in its current form, albeit more gamey and gimmicky.

I'm grinning from ear to ear over here. I have not even properly started a new playthrough (waiting on 2.0 bugfixing and phantom liberty) But I already know this is going to be good. :coolstory:
You just have to delve deeper into the skill tree.
It's almost ironic that the perks in the intelligence tree need intelligent and methodical execution.

When I started testing it, Netrunning felt terrible for a few minutes until I carefully reread my perks and thought about their implications.

And then following that through by carefully executing combo-hacks in correct order gives back the power I first thought to have lost, even if just used as raw damage and nothing else.

However, the new perks encourage usage of non-damaging hacks to soften up targets and to stack up your combo. And once I understood that, hacking started feeling good again. It's become more multi-dimensional. By force, yes, but so far it seems to work out. It's for sure different, but I don't think it's bad.
I am a HUGE fan of the new hacking, I have the feeling my net runner build is far more deadly than every before. It's all about the combo hacks and BOOM... they are all dead :D
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