New Harmony Cards

Well, I never really played harmony because it lacks control and feels kind of slow. So I'm no expert in this archtype

I thought I should give it a try with the new cards but basicly lost all the time :<

How are you all doing with the new cards in your harmony decks?
Literally just login and trying to build something, come back later with some results
but I advise it's probably won't be meta, just find this archetype fun ^^
AS promise my friend, I return with a complete just fun deck building for me!
I make a line of just sharing if at least gain something with it, and with this version I actually reached rank 1 just now.

But i was already a lot of games, time to start 'playing' with another faction and build something that can break rank 1 to 0 #LetssGooo

Hope you enjoy

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