Night City Wire: Episode 5 - What do we want/need to see?

Character Creation


Crafting = 0 video footage/screenshots of crafting, what can be crafted, how junk/dismantling works and schematics
I wish to know more about the crafting system. The weapon mods and attachment system and fragments for cyberware, how that all works.
Then the RPG system with all the perks and how the leveling with XP and street cred works.
And some standard questions answered about loot from enemies, can you loot weapons, cyberware, other stuff?
I'd like to see Character Customization... hair especially. I would also like to see an interview with the Character design developer to hear their take on character design, drawing from source material, etc. I'm going to play a tech type character so I would like to see more information on crafting.
I personally would love to see more of the character creation screens in the next episode.

Yeah, you said it!

I know it might seem pointless to some since it's less than a month away now, but I'd very much like to see the cc options in order to start creating a rough idea for a character or two based on cosmetics I can be sure are in the game. Helps while away the time too :) I remember using the ME3 cc (which was released with the demo I believe) quite a lot in the run up to the game's release.

I'd like to see some actual coherent gunplay too but I doubt that'll be the case since they've had ample opportunity to do it before now.

Maybe future DLC will be mentioned? Not fussed either way.

Mini-games? I'm fine discovering them in the game.

Crafting system? Interesting.

Oh, it wouldn't really be a feature but a quick word on the main campaign length and approx total hours of side content would be nice. Unless I missed some news, the general length of the game is a bit vague. Many people seem to be thinking about 35-40 hours main and same again in sides but it'd be nice to get confirmation.
Yeah crafting would be a good one. Im willing to bet most people who are waiting for the game don't even know its in there.

Since. It's basically been mentioned like, a grand total of once.
rpg stuff
character editor, skill tree, social skills. what do we have here? body, engineering, hacking and cool checks.
We saw enough action / city / cars etc.
what is that for example? Cool or intelligence check?I want to see more of this.
Bez nazwy.png
Detailed look at the character editor (show everything please!) and/or a detailed tour through V's apartment and the mechanics that make it change based on origins and choices.
Seriously I almost +Red Pointed(y) and quoted everyone in the entire thread and then decided not to do this because it would have just been the LONGEST quote post in the history of the world, (usually I quote a lot, but this time I just decided it was so much that I didn't even need to bother with it)

Everybody: "Character Creator"

I want to see all the different colors my character can be. Can I be blue? Can I be green? Can I be red or purple, or even orange? Can I be silver or gold?
I don't want to spoil all the options, but I need to know just how deep the character creator goes! :think:
Okay this too please. And Midnight Lady please? :shrug:
I don't want to see anything. The game is finished and off to "pressing", if that even still means anything in the days where distribution is nearly 100% on-line. It is what it is, and we won't really see what that looks like until the game is in our hands. So Night City Wires #5 (#4 actually) through N, where N is an arbitrarily large positive integer, are of no relevance to me any longer.
I want to see more of the RPG systems

Perks and Attributes system explained (How they impact the world)
Crafting system (Want to know what a "Techie" is now)
A little of the Character Creator ( not to much don't want to spoil every option)
Inventory systems.

More Music (what they showed so far is not my taste, Samurai is ok tho. Just want to hear more of the OST)
Dark side of Night City (This marketing crap is making it to cheesy/colorful)
Expansion ideas or pass info.

I don't want to see anything about the game itself, that is something that I want to discover just by playing.
What I'd like to see, is something like the last episode of the NCW. They showed us how much cure and attention to details they put in something that is not the primary focus of the game (cars and clothing), showing a very interesting behind the scene. That is what I'd like to see.
Another thing that I'd like to see is some base console footage, just to be sure that I should keep my preorder for the PS4 version. But I'm realistic, they won't do that.
I would also like to hear more details in what way do stats affect dialog? Like, examples of the type of dialog options each stat gives. What would a "cool"-test dialog option look like? What about reflexes?

I sincerely doubt we would get an in-depth look at the character creator, but I hope we get something. I SPECIFICALLY looking for the stats, skills and perk trees. (not so much the appearance) I wish to have a better idea what I wanna build toward when I create a character. What am I missing if Im skipping on a certain stat.

ps. I would also prefer an updated look on netrunning - if for nothing else than that it is something MORE than just holding a button down and watch a meter run out. That sort of gameplay doesn't make me want to make a netrunner.
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