Night City Wire: Episode 5 - What do we want/need to see?

Seems like a lot of people will be in the CC for a while! Wouldn't mind seeing DLC plans but to me seeing the game in my Library is enough for a while.

Has there been anymore music announcements that I have missed? I am hopeful there is a massive range as Refused so far are not doing it for me, I think I saw A$AP Rocky and Grimes mentioned.
What I'd like to see:
  • Music (radio and OST).
  • A bit of character creation (by a bit I mean a whole trailer, not 2 seconds :disapprove:)
  • Overview of attribute and perk systems.
  • High-end system requirements.
  • Expansion Pass announcement.
What we'll probably see:
  • Music.
  • Expansion Pass announcement.
Character creator and explanation of the stats/perks.
So we can plan ahead and cut down time spent in the character creation when the game launches..
I have to agree with the previous comments, I would really like to see the character creator in depth, and a look at the skill and perk trees.
It would be nice to have an extended look at the character creator.

We haven't seen much of the skills yet; a brief summary, with examples of how they affect gameplay, would be much appreciated.

Also, if I'm not mistaken, I recall someone, at some point, saying there was going to be a dinamic conversation system -- something about "if you look at a character the wrong way, during a conversation, it could turn out badly". If that's still a thing, I'd like to see how this works, and if the player's skills, appearance or reputation plays a part on it.
That was what I was wondering about yesterday. My excitement level waned and I'm looking forward towards NC 5.

So, I hope to see character creator, minigames, and Expansion Pass announcement.
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