Overcommit warning?

What's that?
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It's in the game settings.
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I guess it is for someone like the guy yesterday that committed his Vattier, Vanhemar and Geralt (with Usurper!) to take R1 and than did ragequit in R3 when got obliterated.
From patch 4.1 patch notes:
A warning will be given if the player tries to overcommit by using an order/leader (without having played a card) when they are winning and the opponent has passed


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I've had this warning appear to me for the first (and last) time when i played another card and was already winning, but the opponent was using trap cards and it was obvious he had the +8 horn.

Since im a veteran, i know this very well, but an amateur would get this warning not to overcommit, then would lose the round and CA, because this warning only takes current points into account, not traps (and maybe not other effects).
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