Patch 1.2 — list of changes

This is not a thread about what you think is wrong with the game, how it compares to other games, or anything else that isn't update 1.2. Topic here is update 1.2 and its patchnotes.

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Anyone else's cat go missing after the update?

He's not in my apartment, the food is, so is the litter tray, so I've definitely got a cat but he's not there.

No meowing either.
All that and they still didn't fix the game-breaking bug in Disasterpiece? Guess I'm waiting for patch 1.-fucking-3, now.
will the lighted iron sights on certain guns still leave a 10-plus frame ghost trail as they move (non ADS)? (PC Nvidia) It's quite unbearable
Cat update: for whatever reason the update reset the quest, but I still had the catfood and litter tray in my apartment.

I went round the corner and the "Feed teh cat" shard was in the bin again.
WOW, awesome work. Keep it up @CDPR! Can't wait to get back home next month to play some more :)! I hope the crashes on PS5 will happen even less than after previous patch. That's what mostly annoying for me. Thank you very much, waiting for more!
I want to love this game, i really do, but every time i find a way to enjoy the game you nerf or nuke the system i was using. this patch has the opposite effect it should have now i want to play the game less.
Can someone tell me if it says somewhere that the legendary monowire was removed from Kabuki? And does it provide details on if others were removed. *cough* free Mantis Blades *cough*
Yep monowire was removed, same with mantis blade in NPCD scanner hustles (Wellsprings). Don't test if mantis blade still there on cyberpsycho GIG :)

The list of change could be much longer because i see a lot of minor modifications (ex: stairs replace scaffoldings in Organized crimes (Rancho Coronado), rocker female V jacket is fixed).
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fix the problem with hand implants
they duplicate, look at it in horror, and it is impossible to remove implants. You can see in the shadow of the character that there are two pairs of hands, one by default, the other for implants, they are just behind the character, and when you use a mantis implant, you can see that the second pair just layers on the first hands,
well, the game of something over time begins to use RAM instead of video memory, so the game hangs and crashes.
I do not use RTX because I have AMD, there is no possibility, and the shadows of the character look flawed, the hair in the shadows does not render, like a hat, for that there are two pairs of hands oops.


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Can someone tell me if it says somewhere that the legendary monowire was removed from Kabuki? And does it provide details on if others were removed. *cough* free Mantis Blades *cough*
they most prob removed them to fix a problem i wasnt aware of as well but someone mentioned it in another thread somewhere - if u loot the mono or mantis in low level its stats are locked to low level - meaning that if u grab the purple or even blue ones later on way higher level their stats overcome the "low level" legendaries u were able to grab asap after the heist. it was a scaling prob - so even tho it seems like a nerf at first view it might be thought as a fix instead...
First off: this patch must've been a MASSIVE bitch to work on, and I'm glad it helps so many people. Kudos. But: didn't work out well for me. I play on the PS4 (mainly because getting my hands on a PS5 is pretty hard rn apperently). I was one of the lucky ones who didn't have many bugs at all - managed to go through the game 3 times before this patch, without any major issues. Now though, after the patch? The game lags, NPC's stay faceless blotches for a hood long while, I constantly glitch THROUGH doors instead of opening them, I lose health points if I run into things or "fall" from notbing higher than a crate. I can't find some clothing articles anymore. The only things that really changed for the better - for me - is the fact that you can craft ammo in bulk now, and that I can correct the steering sensitivity. That's it though. Everything else seems downgraded. It's still not "unplayable" but sure jot as fun as it was before.
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