Penalization for not playing cards

I know this is an unpopular oppinion/suggestion, but anyway.

Perceived problem 1: When both players have same number of cards after round 1, on round 2 the winner of round 1 passes without playing a single card, just wasting time and making the game duration longer.

Perceived ptoblem 2): When one player passes on round 1 after only playing between one to three cards.

Commentary: This being a stategy game, it is well within its boundaries of acceptable rules to allow the players to pass whenever they want and gain a strategic advantage to the oponent. Yet, I believe the current status on that matter makes the game a bit boring, and makes it to last longer. Games that could end in two rounds, are forcefully made to last three rounds (with mulligan time, more cards to play). Or a player that didn't have a good start, gets rewarded with the possibility of getting a full hand in round 2.

Solution: If players have same number of cards in round 2, and the player that starts the round, passes without playing any card, to be penalized by getting one less card in the next round.

If player plays less than four cards in round 1 and passes, then, get one less card in mulligan for round 2.

I believe this would make the game more fast, dynamic and fun.
Drypassing is a valid strategy, like you acknowledged. I see no reason to punish players for it. Besides, it could drive people away from the game, which would make queue times longer, thus partially defeating the purpose of the change.

I personally don't care either way, but I cannot support a suggestion that aims to remove a valid and entirely legitimate strategy used by very many, with no basis other than "I don't like when people do this".
Well, I never said what you put on quotes, which is a way of disregarding other peoples opinions in an non-healthy way. What I said, after explaining the perceived problem, was: "I believe this would make the game more fast, dynamic and fun."
Imho, this is an unpopular suggestion for a good reason. The basic round / passing mechanics is what is great and unique about Gwent. It is fast, dynamic and fun exactly thanks to the mechanics you want to change.
I'd agree that Passing is a valid part of the strategy to Gwent:
  • I may have a significant lead and can hold cards for later, or;
  • I feel I have no chance of winning a round and would prefer to move on to the next one.
I can see why this may appear to give me an advantage in one of these situations, but it definitely doesn't in the other, so being penalised in any fashion just isn't fair play.
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