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i am loving the game (250h), but may i point you developers to a searing issue.

It all happens with the quest where you have to first meet up with "Hands" in the heavy hearts club.
This club will become the literally the showstopper, because it will stay closed forever when this quest starts.
People found a way around by noclipping thru the first 2 doors to reach the elevator (where the quest tracker goes).
But even then you will get locked out of progress in a followup quest where a certain NPC should spawn in there, Miss Zembinsky (i can say the name because its not really a spoiler). But the fact this whole Club Area is not working, also this NPC does not spawn and there is no way around.

Maybe the day/night cycle does not correctly trigger the opening of the club, i don't know. Tried many, many different way to fix this. Nothing helped.
(advancing time per waiting menue, reloading, restarting, even some dubious methods i read somewhere...)

I humblingly point you to this threads (just one of many threads where people have same problem) !
Please, i want to finish this games quests.


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